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One afternoon, while standing amidst our usual congregation of horses & humans, I was asked a question. "Cathy, how do you KNOW which horse to sell?" And although it truly never occured to me, the answer was quite simple - I don't ever really "know" which horse is 100% without-a-doubt for sale, because we love them all equally.

That being said, all we know to do in our hearts is to treat each and every horse here as though they might NEVER leave our wonderful farm. It has never occurred to us to play "favorites" because a horse might be for sale... or might NOT be.

All these horses know is the care and compassion that comes each and every day from us.

They so eagerly look forward to welcoming another human into their hearts, that when that right person for them shows up, looking out into our field for their next Forever Partner, there will inevitably be ONE horse whose head will raise up from grazing, whose ears point forward, and whose soft brown eyes will look deeply into theirs and say... "Well, THERE you are. I've been waiting..."

***Please keep in mind that many of these horses are green broke and/or just in the process of being started. We will not sell a green horse to a "green" person... unless that person has a trainer to help bring that horse along.. and we will require you to bring your trainer along. If you are an experienced horse-owner and wish to purchase a green horse from us, then we will ask to see how skilled you are. If you are not willing to come out to meet a horse that you are interested in, then we are not interested in selling a horse to someone "sight unseen." Our purpose is not to "just sell a horse"... it is to make lifetime connections. Therefore our requirements are quite rigid for the simple reason that our horses deserve no less.

                                                Debonaire Affaire


Registration #: 119371

Date of Birth: 2/4/2007

Sire: Harlem's P.R. Man

Dam: Burning Passion

               $ 3,500.00

With the impressive Attache/Chief of Greystone lines combined with the amazing lineage of WC Harlem Globetrotter, one can easily see why this extremely handsome fellow is built like the old-world Saddlebreds....elegant and poweful, with just the perfect amount of grace sprinkled on top.

Debon carries 13 Broodmare Hall of Fame dams to his 5-generation pedigree, and shows the wonderfully elevated motion of both his sire and dam.

Even at an early age, his height, girth and bone structure was VERY solid - this guy is NOT going to be a "Primo Ballerino!"

Debon is going to be able to do anything...... and with that beautiful coat, white blaze and white sock, he's definitely going to be an eye-catcher.

Debon is very smart... very sensible... but he does not wear his emotions on his sleeve. That sometimes makes him come across as aloof and detached... but rest assured, he is anything but that. This is the kind of horse that is going to sit back and see what you're all about before he commits to you. But once you've established trust with him, he will be loyal to the end.

Although he fades a bit in the summer, Debon's coat is a lovely black/bay, which really makes that white blaze and white legs stand out.

He just keeps growing, and growing.....and growing!.....giving us a very good feeling that he is easily going to reach 16H by the time he is fully mature.

Debon's conformation is very balanced, with a long stride, and a nice over-reach so sought after in the Dressage world.

With that kind of muscle, there is a LOT of power coming from behind!

Debon has large, well-placed sloping shoulders, so there is no doubt that he'll be able to carry that powerful momentum forward and continue to be very balanced doing so.

Debon's movement makes him very well-suited for English or Western Dressage. He is also powerful and large enough to be used under harness. I do not feel that his build would make him a suitable gaited prospect, however. Although his sire is naturally gaited, Debon does not exhibit the movements that I feel would make him suitable for that riding style.


Well, Debon has made incredible progress this year, and I am so very proud of him. He is now negotiating obstacles in the arena with composure and confidence, and wearing his saddle and bridle beautifully. 

Debon leads easily, stands quietly ground-tied while being groomed, bridled, and saddled. 

We are currently working at a walk and trot in the arena, going along the rail, negotiating obstacles, and working on basic guiding principles. He goes nicely both ways and is learning to stop with just the hint of rein and a change of my weight in the saddle. I am very impressed with his "work ethic," and he seems to be the kind of horse that finds relaxation in the "structure" of a lesson instead of just randomly wandering around in the arena with no particular "goal."

Debon has BEAUTIFUL lateral flexion and an exquisitely soft/ responsive mouth. He is also doing quite well with direct and indirect rein, and his hindquarter disengagement is getting so good that he isjust about to the point that a slight touch on his side will easily move his hip over for a change of direction.

On the ground, we are continuing to work on turns on the haunches and sideways movements, which I feel will soon translate into the saddle. His back-up is very soft.

What a soft and sensitive horse Debon is turning into! I believe that he has always been this way, however. Horses that are typically this sensitive are often labeled as “difficult” or “hard to train”… when in truth all they REALLY need is a soft“suggestion” for direction, as anything else is considered “yelling” … and thus they react instead of respond. Debon is extremely responsive to the softest suggestion, and that alone has helped bring him so far so quickly.

Once I understood that was all he needed or wanted, his progress picked up extremely fast… and his emotions started to come back down.

Debon has been trailered a few times on short trips. Although it is still a relatively new experience to him, he approaches and enters the trailer with confidence and ease.

Each time we have a session in the arena, loading in the trailer is always made to be a part of that process so that it is always familiar to him. We have worked in and traveled with him in our straight-load Jamco trailer and he has done wonderfully through the process.

What I first perceived as a more high-strung, reactionary horse is now slowly changing with Debon.

Now I see a horse that is still extremely sensitive, but is quite willing to work through his unconfident moments without too much “drama” and by using the thinking part of his brain.

Oh, there are still the occasional high-headed moments… but they are becoming just that… moments.

Please don’t mistakenly assume that Debon’s training is gearing him for one particular discipline.

What we give each of these horses in their training… whether they are wearing a feed-sack, bareback pad, or any style of saddle… are the basic fundamentals that easily translate into ANY riding discipline.

We strive for each horse to have excellent manners on the ground as well as in the saddle, and teach them to have a softness and sensitivity to the slightest request on any part of their body.

Most of all, we hope that the time that we spend with each one only further strengthens the unique horse/human bond that they cannot help but yearn for with their prospective new owners.

That is why it is imperative to match Debon… or any ofour other horses… with the person most suitable for their abilities as well asemotional needs.

Debon seems to have a very good work ethic at this point with our sessions usually lasting about an hour and a half. To be this early inhis training, I am very proud of his level of focus.

We have not been outside the arena yet into “The Real World,” but that will come with time… when he tells me he's ready.

As of 10/2015, Debon is doing GREAT under saddle!!! He ground-ties and stands quietly to be saddled and bridled without someone... or someTHING... having to hold him. He has super-soft lateral flexion and vertical flexion. He stands quietly to be mounted from both sides. He has many hours in the arena working on walk to trot transitions under saddle... staying along the rail... navigating obstacles.. backing up... disengagements, etc. And through all of that, Debon has such a great work ethic that it is hard to believe that he is still quite green in his training. I have ridden him both with a bridle and with a bitless hackamore and he is very comfortable with both at this point in time.

I attempted to rride Debon outside of the arena recently and he was not quite ready for the "Great Outdoors"... although the "Great Outdoors" simply existed on the other side of the arena GATE. Without the railing, Debon felt completely lost... like a child without training wheels on their bicycle for the first time. I decided to go back into the arena... and once back in there, Debon dropped his head, relaxed, blew out... and proceeded immediately to quietly trot along the rail. I'm sorry, but it was SO hard not to laugh... such a big horse so not quite ready for the big world. But... not to worry... in time I'm sure that as he confidence grows, his interest in the rest of the world will expand. But for now we will just continue to focus building confidence in the arena. :)

Nothing worth doing well is worth doingquickly… and that is exactly how Debon’s training is being approached.  

Stay tuned for more updates and photos!!!

                                                                         Debon's Price




                                              Harlem's Butterfly Kiss


ASHA # 143295

Sire: Harlem's P.R. Man

Dam: Burning Passion

Date of Birth:

February 23, 2006



This gorgeous mare is a carbon copy of her mother in confirmation... with absolutely stunning refinement from her sire.

Extremely powerful movement combined with elegance and grace, Butterfly is absolutely captivating on every level.

Butterfly carries the Sabino gene of her mother, Pasha. The white hairs are already appearing in her lovely honey-chestnut coat and will continue to become more noticeable as she ages. She also has a white patch of hairs on her side that will also enlarge a bit over time. With her genetics, she not only carries the Sabino gene, but also a recessive black gene from her sire, Harlem's P.R. Man. So... just like her dam, Butterfly is a genetic "box of chocolates" in terms of the colors that she can produce.

Butterfly stands a very solid 15.3H. She is not going to attain the height of her sire, but she is a very well put-together mare... very sturdy and solidly built.

She has never had shoes on and uses her legs better than any shod horse we've seen.

She will not only be a tremendously fun horse to ride, but she has a very high maternal instinct... so you can rest assured that her offspring are going to be wonderfully well-bred and well adjusted.

Butterfly has an great understanding of all the Parelli ground games and is very enthusiastic about learning new things... but most of all, she LOVES THE ATTENTION! She has a great work ethic and really tries hard. I was impressed with her from the moment that she was born... and that has yet to change.

As of 10/2014, Butterfly has been recently started under saddle... and is wearing her saddle proudly.

Our first session involved me just putting on the blanket and saddle... and then me getting on her back. It was like she'd been ridden all her life. No big deal. She just quietly stood there, then turned her neck around to look at me as if to say, "Ok... now what???"

Butterfly never ceases to amaze me. We have had some very nice sessions in the arena so far. She is going to be just a super little gal! We have great expectations of this cute, cute, cute little mare. She is so talented that she will easily be able to go from the trail to the show ring!



ASHA #146923

Date of Birth: 3/19/2009

Sire: Harlem's P.R. Man

Dam: Royal Crest Sharin' Stone


Tigerlily is already a very tall and large-boned mare... even at her young age. But don't think that she's through growing... not hardly!

 She will easily be over 16H when she matures. Every day it seems like she just keeps getting taller and taller.

For those of you interested in a mare that can bring "height" to the table with her offspring... well, you're not going to find any better than Lily. If she were eventually bred to an Arabian, those National Showhorse babies would be outstanding!

But.. if you're feet are firmly planted in the purebred Saddlebred world... well, that's just fine... Lily's bloodlines are old and very well established.

Unlike some of the "new-age" refined bloodlines that are popular these days, Lily carries the "Olde World" factors of the larger bone structure and heavier conformation... with a little bit of femininity sprinkled on top.

The way we look at it is because if you want a horse to "Take You There," it better be built to do the job... and look great doing it!

As you can see... Lily looks a LOT like her sire, Harlem's P.R. Man. She has his exquisitely chiseled head and long flowing mane.

From her dam, Royal Crest Sharin' Stone, Lily has her gorgeous swan neck and long, long legs.

She is the perfect combination of two superior genetic packages.

Lily is a very powerful mover with a lot of hock action.

Both of her parents are gaited, so she "may" have an inclination to do so herself with the correct approach to training.

We do not, however, "train" our horses to gait. If they are born that way, great... if not... great. It's really not an important factor for us... but there is a prevalence in some of our bloodlines.

Lily also has a very forward movement, stemming from those powerful hindquarters. She has a huge shoulder, thanks to her dad, with a full range of motion.

There just isn't anything any more beautiful than to see her move!

Lily had a never-ending supply of energy.

Being the youngest in the field of our mares, she was constantly running circles around them!

If you are looking for a mare with endurance capabilities, then Lily is an absolute candidate. She can go all day long and never break a sweat!

Of course, with Lily having a mind of her own... even with imprinting her at birth, she still had a LOT of questions when it came to our relationship.

Initially, her response was more like "Why should I?"... and then she'd take off to the other end of the field.

Lily can be a bit stubborn at times... but so can I.

Sometimes her idea of how to do things was not my idea.

But over time, the lines of communication opened up and our relationship blossomed.

Instead of running away from me, Lily began to run TO me.

She became much more engaged and interested in learning new things... although there was still the occasional "Are you sure about this?"

But that is to be expected from such a highly intelligent and emotional young horse.

We always laughed that Lily had her head up in the clouds most of the time... but what we did not realize was that her adrenaline kept it up there.

When she finally started to trust and to connect with me, her head got lower...

     ... and lower,

... and I discovered that there was a completely different horse underneath the high-flying, snorting one.

Eventually, I started preparing her for being ridden.

This could not be done without first gaining her trust with both my feet on the ground...

... as well as with ALL of hers being on the ground as well.

And it wasn't long before Lily was comfortable with me doing just about anything with her...

No matter where I was!

Lily is not under saddle at this point... but we are not too far away. I am taking things very slow with her to make sure that the foundation of trust is just as strong as her confidence in herself.

Those interested in Lily for riding would benefit from having experience with starting horses... or having an experienced trainer that will be kind and gentle with her through the rest of the process.

Lily has a huge heart, but she is no push-over. She will respect you as long as you respect her.

Just remember, even though there is a serene side to this phenomenal mare... a veritable "Lily," if you dare...

... there is also a "Tiger" lying just beneath that surface.

She will always and forever more be our Tigerlily...

... beautiful, but always full of fire!

Harlem's Dapper Dann

Registration #: 119374

Date of Birth:  3/10/2007
Sire: Harlem's P.R. Man

Dam: Reedann's Mesmerize



        *** SOLD ***

Congratulations to Maria Molland Selby for bringing our beloved Dapper Dann into her heart and home!

I always loved Dapper's long, tousled, sun-bleached mane... often referring to him as my "Surfer Boy."

Well, wouldn't you know it, he goes and falls for a California girl! And we couldn't be happier. They are a wonderful pair!

Dapper Dann came into this world with a big plan to go "somewhere."

That's pretty much not changed...

The handsome little fellow was prancing around way before his mother Reeda was ready to keep up with him.

This photo was taken the day after he was born.

Dapper Dann grew up to be a gorgeous dark red bay with a striking black mane and tail, and black legs.

He has a few white hairs on his forehead that might be considered a star... if you have a vivid imagination.

All four feet are black and hard as flint. Very thick hoof walls and nice, large frogs.

Dapper has no trouble having his feet trimmed or handled. He loves more than anything to have ANY kind of attention from his human, so it really doesn't matter what you are doing with him. As long as he's getting the attention, he's happy!

Reedann's Mesmerize, Dapper's dam, stood 16H. She was a powerfully built mare with lots of muscle, beautiful conformation, and a gifted ability to put it all into motion.


Dapper carries much of Reeda's powerful build, but he is a bit more refined due to the influence of his sire, Harlem's P.R. Man.

Harlem is a powerfully built stallion, with lots of natural extension. He carries himself very much "in frame," and this can definitely be seen in Dapper Dann.

Both Dapper Dann's sire and dam were extremely gentle horses to work around at any given time. While some people might argue that they were "made" to be that way, I believe that such a nature is inherent... something that comes from deep within the soul of each horse.

Dapper Dann is no different.

He is still water that runs very deep...

He carries with him many of the older, well-known lines of WC Harlem Globetrotter, CH Valley View Supreme, CH Yorktown, CH Wing Commander, CH Anacacho's Shamrock, Denmark's Bourbon Genius... as well as the infamous Mr. Magic Man.

Dapper Dann is a wonderful, wonderful combination of both his parents...

But that does not mean that he's "Old World" serious.

Dapper is a total clown, and is not afraid to make up his own games if he thinks its better than yours.

He also carries 16 Broodmare Hall of Fame dams in his 5-generation pedigree.

Dapper Dann has the influence of such notable mares as Conversationalist BHF, Chameleon BHF, Gay Nora BHF, CH Supreme Airs, Oman's Anacacho Maytime, Pennypacks Pride, and Grandview's Majorette... just to name a "mere" few.

These "Old World" lines are very evident in both his sire and dam, giving this young horse an amazing genetic history.

This also gives him plenty of bone structure, muscle, movement, and "heart" that is just not seen in the Saddlebreds of today.

We are very excited about Dapper Dann, and how he continues to mature, showing a keen intellect and a strong desire to connect with people.

He has a nice straight, short back, with a very solid shoulder and very strong hindquarters. The most beautiful head and deep-set eyes one could ever hope to find... that is, if you can see underneath all that gorgeous HAIR!

Both Dapper Dann's parents are naturally gaited. With his strong, wide hindquarters, I think that he might have the ability to be trained as such... but that is not a guarantee.

He has a nice extended and very forward trot, so my observations of him would lead me to believe that he would be highly suited for dressage... either English, or the ever-becoming-popular Western Dressage. His shorter back will make him extremely comfortable to ride on the trails, too.

As of 10/2014, Dapper has had about 30 hours under saddle on our trails around the farm and our neighbor's farm. We usually cover a couple of miles at a time.. through open fields, well-worn paths through tall forests, crossing creeks... and throughout it all, Dapper has always been interested in what's around the next corner. If he is uncertain about something, he'll stop and study it... and then usually walk right up to it. I have never seen a more brave horse with such an interest in the Great Outdoors.Dapper Dann also has many hours in the arena, working on transitions under saddle from a walk to a trot... staying on the rail... going through obstacles... turns... disengagements... back-ups. All for the continued preparation for us going out on trails. And even more impressive is that currently he is only being ridden with a bitless rope hackamore! I will introduce a bit to him in time, but he is currently doing so well that I don't feel that it is something I am going to rush into with him. The better he is without a bit.. the better he will eventually WITH one.

Dapper Dann has had extensive ground-training using Parelli horsemanship methods to help develop is curiosity and confidence... both of which he was endowed with "naturally". He goes easily off into a nice quiet trot on line, then will transition back down to a walk and then back to a trot... even doing nice changes of direction with the point of my finger... AS WE ARE WALKING AROUND THE ARENA. He is amazing. If you ever wanted an easier horse to finish out... you won't find one better than Dapper Dann.

Dapper Dann is easy to work with in terms of "maintenance." Easy to trim, easy to vaccinate, easy to de-worm... all you have to do is show him a peppermint, and he's all about doing whatever it takes to get that mint! He was born on the farm, so we have not trailered him anywhere, but he has had lots of trailer-loading lessons, and loves to go into "The Box" for treats and quiet time. Dapper Dann puts his heart into everything he does. He is a very special horse and we are looking for the perfect partner for him.

If you are familiar with the Parelli games, I can attest to the fact that Dapper Dann LOVES to play the 7 Games. He is very good at all of them and is constantly coming up with his own.

This is one FUN, FUN, FUN horse... and he makes "training" a horse so easy because he has so much fun being "trained."

And for you Parelli-ites, Dapper Dann is a classic Left-Brain Extrovert... one of my more favorite combinations! And we have quite a few of those here on the farm...

Dapper Dann is the kind of horse that people look for for a lifetime... steady in his mind, loyal in his heart, and so wanting to be a the center of someone's universe.

That special person that happens to bond with Debon will have a partner for life. Could that person be you?

We'll never know until you take a stroll out in our field...



              *** SOLD***


Valiento C
... aka "Chili-Pepper"

Sire: Intrepido MC
 ( Andalusian )

Dam: Royal Crest Sharin' Stone
( American Saddlebred )

Our first Andalusian/ American Saddlebred cross,  Chili was one of our long-awaited arrivals.. and he did not disappoint!

Chili carries attributes of both breeds... the rugged sturdiness of the Andalusian, but with a little more refinement from the American Saddlebred. His movement is very "round"... he has a beautiful top-line, along with an incredible amount of substance and bone. This is certainly a horse that is built to go places... and carry his rider very comfortably doing it!

Chili has excelled very fast at the Parelli Games. A quick learner, it does not take him long to learn things, and although he appears to be extremely quiet and reserved... there is a LOT going on in his brain. Do not underestimate this horse... he already knows what you know... and what you don't know!

                                                           Price  $8,000.00

    ( Chili has been SOLD... we wish him much happiness in his new home!  )

                                       Southern Independence


ASHA # 107905

Date of Birth: 3-27-1998

Sire:  Baila Comingo

Dam: Mia's Time

*** Indy is no longer available for sale. Due to his specific nutritional and emotional requirements, we have decided to keep him as we feel that is simply in his best interest. Thank you so much to all the kind-hearted people who expressed interest in this wonderful... albeit "needy" horse! ***

Indy came to us a few years ago from a home where his owner could no longer take care of him. Being in Pennsylvania, she was afraid that were he to be sold, that he would eventually wind up pulling a cart for the Amish... so we were contacted.

As it turned out, Indy's dam was our very own Mia's Time... and Indy was one of her very first offspring.

We agreed to take Indy in and give him a good home with the understanding that if the right person were to come along, that Indy would have the opportunity to be placed.

Indy spent a large number of his years standing in stall with very little turn-out time.

Because of that, he developed the habit of weaving endlessly in his stall.

When he came here, there was no stall for Indy to weave in... nothing but pasture, sunshine, and fresh air.

For the first week, Indy just walked around in disbelief.

Of course, there was Shoii with his "Welcome Mat..."

Indy is fully equitated and responds to voice command for Walk, Trot, Canter, and Halt.

He lunges easily in both directions. He has obviously had some training, and he is very easy to ride.

I feel that Indy does require an experienced rider as he occasionally sees "shadows" and wants to spook. Sometimes this can be followed by a little buck if he's feeling frisky.

He does better with change of scenery instead of the typical "round and round' of arena work. I think that Indy probably had plenty of that early on... maybe too much.

Indy is terrified of anything that looks like a whip, so if you are going to use one as an "aid," you'd better spend plenty of time helping him to understand that he is not going to be hurt with it.

It is so sad to see that this wonderful, loving and talented horse has come to us with such "baggage," so we are looking for a very special home for him where he will never have to worry about being reminded of his past ever again.

Indy does need a pasture mate, preferably a calmer horse to help keep him grounded.

He is very "co-dependant" on a singular buddy, and does not function well in a large group of horses for some reason.

He just seems to have the innate ability of annoying every single horse until they all just want to chase him around the field.

Indy is a little on the "needy" side that way... both with humans, as well as other horses.

Indy is a very comfortable horse to ride, but he has a HUGE trot that will send you up straight up into the atmosphere if you are not ready for it. Beautiful canter both ways. I have always ridden him in a light snaffle bit without any problems. He has not been ridden western that I am aware of, but would be absolutely stunning as a Western Dressage horse.

He does have some arthritis in his hocks that make him a little stiff in cold weather, but otherwise he gets around just fine. His feet are in very good shape. He stands perfectly for the farrier and is extremely easy to trim and shoe.

Indy may be an older horse... and he's got a few quirks... but he is extremely sweet and tries very hard to please.