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                                     Where in the World is Everyone?

We are so attached to all our horses. No matter how far they travel, we like to keep in touch with the folks who have given some of our "children" truly wonderful new homes. Here are just a few...

                     Tinseltown Showgun... aka "Gunner"... aka ... "G-Man"

I knew the day would come... the day that Gunner would find his soul-mate. And yet, there I was, still unprepared when it happened. I wasn't quite ready to say good-bye to my beloved equine teacher and friend.

When Suzy walked out into the field and Gunner "eventually" ambled up to her, stuck out his nose to say "hello," and when I saw her eyes light up... I knew they belonged together.

For the rest of the day, I watched them... and knew that she was "the one."

A few weeks later, we loaded up Gunner and headed towards Asheville, Gunner's new home-away-from-home.

In typical Gunner-fashion, the confident bay horse stepped off the trailer and took in his new surroundings like a king overlooking his new kingdom.

Several of the other horses began to arrive from various pastures to greet him.

Gunner welcomed each horse with a gracefully arched neck, quivering nostrils, and bright eager eyes.

After searching for over a year, all roads seemed to lead back to our farm... and to Gunner.

Armed with a never-ending supply of peppermints, brushes, fly spray, and loads of attention, Gunner didn't stand a chance.

Gunner quickly acclimated to being the center of Suzy's universe... which was exactly what a horse like Gunner deserved... and what any horse should, truthfully.

There have been a lot of "firsts" with Suzy and Gunner as they have each gotten to know each other.

We are so happy that this "small" horse with such a big heart was been found by someone like Suzy.

We can only hope that there are more people out there like her in search of horses like ours.

                   The Sky Prince ( "Tristan")    &  Bi Mi Royal Starr ( "Atlas")

When Nancy & Bill from Mississippi came to visit us for three days, it was three days filled with fun, laughter... and LOTS of "Horseplay"... the Parelli way!

We all had a wonderful time, but never more so than the horses. Greeting us all each day at the gate, or following us through the field, everyone was vying to be "First."

Nancy had originally come to look at Prince, as a horse that might possibly fill the shoes of her beloved 30 year old gelding, Fritz, that passed away several years ago.

Nancy and Prince formed a very close bond immediately, both on the ground as well as in the saddle.

Prince would gently drop his head for a scratch, or nonchalantly prop his chin on her head. The irony of that was that those actions were something that her dear Fritz used to do.

But then, when they decided to play with two of the younger geldings, we found that perhaps SOMEONE else had HIS soft brown eyes on both her and Bill.

That young horse was Royal Starr...

Ever quiet and unassuming, the gangly three year old became a different horse with Nancy. Watching him interact with both Nancy and Bill was like watching a flower blossom right before our eyes.

Royal Starr was amazingly perceptive, and showed an unbelievable willingness to try anything that she asked of him. Whether it was loading into a trailer for the first time, jumping over barrels, climbing onto tires, or trotting along behind her in a wide open field, that horse would do anything Nancy asked.

Nancy & Bill did not pick Royal Starr ... HE chose THEM.

Both Royal Starr and Prince have a wonderful home in Mississippi, and we have laughed over the adventures that Nancy has been so kind to keep us updated on over the years.

We couldn't ever have wished for two more wonderful people to find their next "Forever Partners" in our field!

       Lucky Guess

When Jennifer Scott and her family came to meet Lucky, they were looking for a mare that all of the family could ride, as well as have a few foals for them down the road.

Lucky and her "quirky" personality wasn't quite sure about all that attention... but she was completely outnumbered.

When Lucky left for Alabama, she was in foal to Harlem's P.R. Man... and months later, gave birth to a beautiful black colt named Traveler. Traveler was a carbon copy of his sire and became a much-loved partner to one of Jennifer's sons, Justin.

Over the years, Lucky has lived up to her name... surviving many trials and tribulations that challenged the Scott family... but in true "Lucky" fashion, she did so always with her head held high and a mischievous snort now and then.  

                                        Reedann's Mesmerize ( "Reeda") 

Sire: CH The Talk of the Town

Dam: Timberlake's Country Magic

( One of our most beloved mares... any my very first Saddlebred "showhorse )

When we reluctantly decided to offer Reeda for sale, we simply did not realize how many people would inquire about this mare. So much so, that we decided it best to "interview" folks so that we could make the best possible decision in regard to this next chapter in Reeda's life. When I was contacted by Lori Z. of Wisconsin, I knew after several conversations that she and her husband Ralph would be the best choice for this very special mare. Lori breeds National Showhorses and shows quite successfully across the United States. She has a lovely Arabian stallion and has garnered many wins with their selective breeding program. Lori was looking for a mare that she could occasionally ride as well as breed, and Reeda sure fit the bill. Since that time, Reeda has given Lori some beautiful National Showhorse foals, every bit as lovely as their dam.

Thank you Lori and Ralph - we know that Reeda is loved by you all as much as she is loved by us!

Bi Mi Lucky Penny (2005 Filly - Bi Mi World Premier x Lucky Guess)

Bruce and Shari of Arizona, have sent us some hilarious stories of this flame-red filly’s mis-adventures out West.

With her inquisitive nature and keen intellect ... not to mention LARGE sense of humor, Penny was the perfect match for this couple who are getting involved in the Parelli Natural Horsemanship Program.

When she's not digging sand- traps for Shari to fall into, relocating the corral, filling up the automatic waterer with dirt, or trying to re-wire and re-plumb the barn, Penny's favorite thing to do is to spend a good part of the day positioning her blue-eyed pal, Cheyenne, into the perfect "tail-swishing" position for keeping the flies off of Penny's own little red head.

Penny has also become an accomplished "hair-dresser," neatly twisting Cheyenne''s mane into some lovely "dreadlocks" that would sure rival anyone in the Caribbean.

We always look forward to hearing about Penny, and know that she is so very much loved by these two wonderful and caring people.

Harlem's Black Lucky Charm (2006 Filly - Harlem's P.R. Man x Lucky Guess)

When Rex and Rose S. first saw this jet black filly, she was only a few weeks old with a fuzzy thick black coat, and was bounding around gleefully in the snow. Rex bought Lucky Charm the very next day.

When Charm left our farm at 6 months old, she had gone from a petite little "ink blot" to a gorgeous young filly, seemingly overnight.

Since then, she has been a delight for both Rex and his wife, Rose, who both love Saddlebreds and spend all their waking hours (as we do) taking care of their "children."

Rex now has a beautiful jet-black gaited mare that is a great example of her sire and dam's natural gaited abilities. Rex had knee surgery recently and said that Lucky Charm is the most comfortable horse for him to ride. We are grateful to Rex for his kind training methods that only helped to make this wonderful mare even more phenomenal.

We are so glad this delightful mare has found a home with two such wonderful people!

Titan Supreme (2006 Colt by Harlem's P.R. Man x Mia's Time)

Titan was our "world-traveler"... leaving our farm for Los Angeles, CA. at only 18 months of age.

For weeks, we practiced trailer-loading in preparation for his long journey... and when the day came for him to leave, he stepped into that large horse-trailer like he'd done it a thousand times.

We got a call at the half-way point in Titan's journey from the dispatcher where the horses were resting for a few days. The gal said that Titan had made a slew of friends along the way, and that everyone had fallen in love with such a sweet and friendly young horse.

When Titan finally arrived at his new home, Ksenyia and Nick were so happy to see him... and they immediately introduced him to their other horses. It was not long before I got a call from them, saying how happy they were with Titan and how easy he was to train.

Avid trail riders, it wasn't long before Titan was hitting the trails as well! With his dam's inquisitive nature and love of people, we have no doubt that Titan has made himself quite at home in the hearts of his new family!

Walter Farley (1998 Gelding - Forty-Second Street ERB x My Secret Someone)

Words just cannot explain "good ol' Walter," as he will always be known to us. Walter was the kind of horse that you couldn't help but smile when you were around him.

Best known for his playfull "smooches" (which would explain name change to "The Kissing Bandit"), this gorgeous black 17+Hand gelding also liked to spend a good deal of time snoozing away in his stall.

One of the most lovable, happy horses that we ever owned in our early Saddlebred "career", we didn't find it hard to imagine that someone else would fall in love with him as we did, which is exactly what happened when Marlene G. of Illinois saw him.

What a wonderful, wonderful Saddlebred... and we have no doubt that he's STILL the most lovable, happy horse on the planet!