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                            Beautiful Well-Bred Mares = Amazing Foals!

We put a lot of time into researching the bloodlines behind each of our broodmares.
During this time, we have come to understand the importance of the Broodmare Hall of Fame dams in their pedigrees.

In 1972, the Broodmare Hall of Fame was established to recognize elite mares that produced champion show horses and/or sons or daughters that had a prolific impact on the Saddlebred Breeding world.

Induction into the Broodmare Hall of Fame is not subjective. A mare must have produced a minimum of three offspring that have earned a number of World's Champion or Reserve World's Champion titles in the divisions of Five-Gated, Three-Gaited, or Fine Harness. Recognition is also given to a mare that has produced a dam of a World's Champion, or has produced a sire of serveral World Champions. Any way you look at it, the higher number of Broodmare Hall of Fame dams in their 5-generation pedigree (the record is twenty-three), the higher the likelihood that the athleticism and endurance is there to excell in any discipline. It's not just accidental. It is a product of finely-tuned breeding.

And such is the case with our mares. Each mare carries no less than 13 Broodmare Hall of Fame dams in her pedigree. We are constantly on the lookout for mares with even higher numbers, which we have found are exceedingly hard to find. That, combined with our Saddlebred stallion's whopping 22 BHF dams, makes for quite a superior genetic package!


December 2012... We have decided to narrow our breeding program to include only two Andalusian mares, and one or two Saddlebred mares. That being said, a few of our Saddlebred mares are now available for sale. Please see them below. They will only be sold to approved homes, so please contact us with any questions. Thank you.

                                           Our Lovely Saddlebred Ladies...

                                                   Burning Passion
        ( "Pasha" )

ASHA # #124543

     Date of Birth:                     4-22-1993

Sire: Wings of Passion
Dam: Burning Sensation

When we purchased "Pasha" several years ago, we bought a mare that was on the verge of starvation, suffering from extreme neglect, and severely lame.

We were not expecting to find a SHOWHORSE underneath her dull coat, protruding hipbones and bleeding, abcessed hooves.

                  ( The above photo was the first one we took AFTER she started gaining weight... )

                        And, BOY..... were we thrilled with her transformation!


A highly successful fine-harness and pleasure-driving mare in the competitive Missouri circuit in her "other life", Pasha was only a few points shy of Champion title.

Even in the field, she is still all "show" with her mile-high headset and floating movement that obviously made her a showstopper.

Pasha has gravity-defying suspension, elevation, and head carriage... she is just truly amazing. You can definitely see the Attache breeding in her background, as well as in her "showhorse" presence.

After gaining some much needed weight and literally getting her "back on her feet", we bred her to our stallion Harlem's P.R. Man, and she had her first foal in 2006, Harlem's Butterfly Kiss, who was absolutely stunning. Each offspring that she has had since then, continues to impress us in so many ways.

Pasha's white ticked coat pattern, large apron blaze, high white stockings and disconnected white patches on her abdomen reveal that she is a chestnut sabino- a rare genetic coat pattern in Saddlebreds that is known to produce paints, roans, and solid white babies that are not "lethal white" or albino.

They also tend to produce lighter colored coats in their offspring, which explains the golden color of her first baby, Butterfly.

Pasha's genetic "box of chocolates" is very exciting to us because we just have no idea of what she's going to surprise us with each Spring.

But it really makes no difference to us- Pasha is a wonderful mother, and a real asset to our broodmares with her impeccable breeding and impressive show-ring history.


December 2012... Pasha is now officially retired from our breeding program due to chronic arthritis that will affect her comfort level in carrying a foal. Although we will certainly miss what she has to offer genetically, she has earned the right to enjoy the rest of her days comfortably and in the company of her equine and human friends. Thank you Pasha, for the wonderful gifts that you brought to us!

Royal Crest
Sharin' Stone 
( "Ruby" )

ASHA Registration #131318

Date of Birth: 5-27-1998

Height 16.3 H

Sire: Blazing Fire

Dam: Scarlet Talent

*** As we have decided to pursue the Andalusian breed more extensively, we are offering this beautiful mare for sale.

Ruby is easy to bring into heat, easy to get in foal, carries to term without any issues, produced milk like a Jersey cow... and is one of THE BEST mothers to her offspring that we've ever seen. Her genetics are phenomenal and we would love to see her go to someone who has a small breeding program where her personality and her genetics will be greatly appreciated.

Ruby is offered for sale for $3,000.00. We will consider a lower offer to a VERY exceptional home.

With a record setting 22 BHF dams in her 5-generation pedigree, "Ruby" is a stunning example of what superior genetics can produce.

With champions such as CH Valley View Supreme, CH Colonel Boyle, CH Yorktown, CH King’s Genius, CH Chantilly Rose (also a BHF dam!), CH Anacacho Shamrock, and let’s not forget, CH Wing Commander, this mare has the “best of the best.”

Ruby's listing of Broodmare Hall of Fame dams reads like a “Who’s Who”, with notables such as Diana Gay, Blessed Event, Kate Haines, Golden Firefly, Edith Gatley, Flirtation Walk, Chameleon, and Pennypack’s Pride, to name ONLY a few.

 We contacted the American Saddlebred Horse Association, and they double-checked her pedigree... and told us that we had found a very rare mare, indeed.

We were very excited to discover this because it only meant that Ruby's offspring would be even more phenomenal... and they are!

Standing almost 17H, this gorgeous chestnut mare moves with the gracefulness and agility of a deer, and her beautiful silver/blonde mane and tail float around her like a mist. Only a swan could match her beautifully arched neck.

It’s hard to get past this mare’s sheer beauty, but if you can, you’ll see the powerful athleticism in the slope of her shoulders and the strength in her hind-quarters.

And as if there couldn't be anything else to top Ruby's genetics... she is one of the most wonderful mother's that we've ever had on the farm. Very caring and outwardly loving towards each of her babies, Ruby has passed on not only her fabulous bloodlines, but also her wonderful disposition.

Ruby has a tremendous amount of substance and bone, and combined with her unmistakeable intelligence, she is a true asset to our breeding program.

                    And Introducing Our Stunning Andalusian Mares...

This is what happens when you think you have ALL the horses in the world that you want and need...

...and then you go online "just to look around."

Never, ever, in our wildest imagination did we expect to find not one... but two.. of the most fabulously bred Spanish mares available... at the same FARM.

We were so excited to be able to bring both Keepsake MC and Lia MC to our farm.
Even more interesting was the fact that both of these mares came from the renowned Andalusian breeder, Karen Jenkins... whom we purchased Intrepido MC from!

Imagine that, three horses from the same farm... with three very distinct bloodlines.

Karen's bloodlines are impeccable and she has spent decades selectively breeding some of the best horses from Spain. Knowing that, we had no doubt that these two mares would be the two most perfect additions to our program.

Our broodmare band of American Saddlebred and Spanish Andalusian mares was finally complete!

The frozen semen that we collected from Intrepido is all that remains of the lineage of his phenomenal sire, Tortolillo. Our goal is to eventually breed both Keepsake and Lia to help carry on that line, as well as to perhaps gain another stallion to cross with our Saddlebred mares.

 Keepsake MC

IALHA # 13076 (S)

Date of Birth: 4/10/2007

Sire: Huatulco Mor 1 #9217 (S)

Dam: Valentina MC #2286(S)

Keepsake is a beautiful bay mare who will not turn gray.

She even has a dun stripe down her back as well as some faint zebra striping on her legs.

We have no idea "why" those markings are there... and we don't care... we LOVE this mare!

This mare's bloodlines are absolutely phenomenal. Her sire is the handsome Huatulco Mor I, by Corsario IV (PRE) x Karina XVI (PRE)... and whose entire top-line are all PRE registered in the OLD, REAL books of Spain.

Keepsake's dam is Valentina MC, by Ofendido VII x Radiante II, also of very prominent and well-known Spanish bloodlines.

Keepsake is an extremely nice, well-built mare with a nice short back and heavy bone structure.

She has a beautiful, exquisitely carved head with deep, wide-set eyes.

She is very striking with her massive amount of mane and tail... and her offspring will no doubt carry her proud heritage as well as her lovely conformation, movement and wonderful disposition.

Keepsake's movement, while not as lofty as Lia MC's, is very forward and sure. She is a wonderful mare to ride, and we feel that her offspring... combined with Intrepido's bloodlines... will be absolutely amazing dressage prospects!

                    Lia MC

IALHA # 13076

Date of Birth: 3/20/2008

Sire: Venidero MC #3542 (S)

Dam: Brisona MC #4545 (S)

Lia MC has it all.

Her conformation, movement, and bloodlines are absolutely PHENOMENAL... which is why we did not hesitate to purchase her when we found her and Keepsake for sale on the same farm.

This beautiful mare carries the old Terry, Militar, Escalera and Paco Lazo bloodlines. Her sire is the stunning Venidero MC, by Ofendido VII x Efigie TG. Her dam is Brisona MC, by the handsome Fariseo x Lancerina.

Evidence of Lia's "Old World" lineage is apparent in her beauty, as well as her lofty, forward movement... and the strength and power in which she carries herself.

Lia is such a quiet and sweet mare, that her foals will undoubtedly carry those traits as well as her amazing genetics.

For those reasons... as well as so many more... we are very excited that she will one day help to preserve the rare bloodlines of our beloved Intrepido MC.

*** Although we are very excited about our Andalusian mares producing foals, we are waiting until we have sold some of our Saddlebreds before doing so. Stay tuned and when the time arrives, we will definitely be announcing our new arrivals with great excitement and celebration!!!

               Pasha's Offspring... ( all by our stallion, Harlem's P.R. Man )

Harlem's Butterfly Kiss

ASHA #143295

Date of Birth... 2/23/2006

Butterfly is for sale.

Please see Butterfly's complete listing on our "For Sale" page.


         Debonaire Affaire

          ASHA #119371

Date of Birth... 2/4/2007

Debon is available for sale.

Please see Debon's complete listing on our "For Sale" page.


Harlem's Norman Rockwell

     ASHA #120697

( 6/1/2008 - 9/9/2008 )  

A bright spirit that passed far too soon, the sudden loss of Norman affected us deeply. The terrible part about it was that the Prieffert panels that you see in the photo were the ultimate cause of his demise. They have since been replaced for that reason.

Norman and Pasha were running and playing in the large arena early one morning, and Norman's little front leg went right through one of the panels as he ran. His leg was shattered, with no way to repair it.

Our hearts were so heavy that day, and even more so for the loss that his mother Pasha felt. It took her a long time to get over his loss, and we were never able to get her in foal again.

We miss you, little Norman... our lives were blessed for the short time you were in it.



                                               Ruby's Offspring...

Harlem's Magic Tigerlily 

ASHA #146923

Date of Birth: 3/19/2009

Sire: Harlem's P.R. Man

Dam: Royal Crest Sharin' Stone

This precocious young mare is talented... and fiery! She is a carbon copy of her sire... well, except for the large white SPOT on her nose. Tigerlily can be sweet and tempermental at the same time... which made it quite easy to name her. Like her sire and dam, Tigerlilly carries 22 Broodmare Hall of Fame dams in her 5-generation pedigree. You will NOT find a mare any more well-bred than this!

                                    Lily Is Available For Purchase

Tigerlily was intended to be part of our broodmare program, but we have changed paths at this point in time, so we are offering her for sale. We will only sell her to an approved home. Please contact us with any questions.


                      ( Please read more about Lily on our "For Sale" page... )

I'm A Chameleon, Too 

     *** SOLD!!! ***

Sire: Harlem's P.R. Man 

Dam: Royal Crest Sharin' Stone

This wonderful mare is loving the life of a "teacher" in Indiana. Her easy-going personality and train-ability made her the perfect prospect for teaching young riders what they need to know,.. as well as being a much-loved member of her barn.

        Valiento C
... aka "Chili-Pepper"

   ***  SOLD!  ***

Sire: Intrepido MC 
  ( Andalusian )

Dam: Royal Crest Sharin' Stone

Our first Andalusian/ American Saddlebred cross,  Chili was one of our long-awaited arrivals.. and he did not disappoint!

(Please read more about Chili on our "For Sale" page)